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Egg Result Lvl. Available Rarity Incub. Time Color
Blue Blob Egg Blue Blob Baby Blue Blob 1 Common 10 secs. Blue30px
Tree Rex Egg Tree Rex Baby Tree Rex 1 Common 30 secs. Green30px
Dream Bird Egg Dream Bird BabyDream Bird 3 Common 2 hours Yellow30px
Fire Fox Egg

Fire Fox Baby
Fire Fox

7 Common 4 hours Red30px
Shell Lizard Egg Shell Lizard BabyShell Lizard 9 Rare 20 hours White30px
Ecogoo Egg Ecogoo BabyEcogoo 3 Common 5 hours Blue30pxGreen30px
Medusasaur Egg Medusasaur BabyMedusasaur 3 Rare 18 hours Green30pxBlue30px
Frankenogre Egg Frankenogre BabyFrankenogre 3 Rare 14 hours Green30pxBlue30px
Sea Rex Egg Sea Rex Baby Sea Rex 3 Super Rare 8 hours Green30pxBlue30px
Frogalog Egg Frogalog BabyFrogalog 3 Super Rare 10 hours Blue30pxGreen30px
Wavewing Egg Wavewing BabyWavewing 4 Common 14 hours Yellow30pxBlue30px
Birdball Egg Birdball BabyBirdball 4 Rare 8 hours Blue30pxYellow30px
Sea Buffalo Egg

Sea Buffalo BabySea Buffalo

7 Common 8 hours Red30pxBlue30px
Furball Egg Furball BabyFurball 7 Rare 7 hours Blue30pxRed30px
Tonguetoad Egg Tonguetoad BabyTonguetoad 9 Common 9 hours Blue30pxWhite30px
King Clam Egg King Clam Baby King Clam 9 Rare 22 hours White30pxBlue30px
Monstersm yulesky egg Yulesky Baby Yulesky 9 Super Rare 24 hours Blue30pxWhite30px
Sea Slime Egg Sea Slime Baby Sea Slime 9 Super Rare 5 hours Blue30pxWhite30px
Palmwing Egg Palmwing BabyPalmwing 4 Common 3 hours Yellow30pxGreen30px
Mosstrich Egg Mosstrich BabyMosstrich 4 Rare 32 hours Green30pxYellow30px
Pumpkinhead Egg Pumpkinhead BabyPumpkinhead 7 Rare 6 hours Yellow30pxGreen30px
Chipmoss Egg Flying Squirrel BabyChipmoss 4 Super Rare 13 hours Green30pxYellow30px
Leaf Lion Egg Leaf Lion BabyLeaf Lion 7 Common 16 hours Red30pxGreen30px
Inferoo egg Inferoo BabyInferoo 7 Rare 10 hours Green30pxRed30px
Burnbark Lizard Egg Burnbark Lizard BabyBurnbark Lizard 7 Super Rare 15 hours Red30pxGreen30px
Shraptor Egg Shraptor BabyShraptor 9 Common 12 hours Green30pxWhite30px
Forest Scarab Egg Forest Scarab BabyForest Scarab 9 Rare 11 hours White30pxGreen30px
Griffin Egg Griffin BabyGriffin 7 Common 18 hours Red30pxYellow30px
Phoenix Egg Phoenix BabyPhoenix 7 Rare 12 hours Yellow30pxRed30px
Gobbledegoo Egg Gobbledegoo BabyGobbledegoo 7 Rare 9 hours Red30pxYellow30px
Firestorm Bird Egg Firestorm Bird BabyFirestorm Bird 7 Super Rare 16 hours Yellow30pxRed30px
Sky Turtle Egg Sky Turtle Baby
Sky Turtle
9 Common 6 hours White30pxYellow30px
Eaguana Egg Eaguana BabyEaguana 9 Rare 13 hours Yellow30pxWhite30px
Shellwing Egg Shellwing BabyShellwing 9 Super Rare 7 hours Yellow30pxWhite30px
Cuddlecrab Egg Cuddlecrab BabyCuddlecrab 9 Common 15 hours White30pxRed30px
Hermit Cat Egg Hermit Cat BabyHermit Cat 9 Rare 36 hours Red30pxWhite30px
Magmadillo Egg Magmadillo BabyMagmadillo 9 Super Rare 21 hours Red30pxWhite30px
Diamond Pegasus Egg Diamond Pegasus BabyDiamond Pegasus 10 Ultra Rare 44 hours Diamond20px
Sapphire Kraken Egg Sapphire Kraken BabySapphire Kraken 10 Ultra Rare 40 hours Diamond20pxBlue30px
Topaz Gargoyle Egg Topaz Gargoyle BabyTopaz Gargoyle 12 Ultra Rare 34 hours Diamond20pxYellow30px
Ruby Manticore Egg Ruby Manticore BabyRuby Manticore 12 Ultra Rare 44 hours Diamond20pxRed30px
Pearl Platypus Egg Pearl Platypus BabyPearl Platypus 12 Ultra Rare 32 hours Diamond20pxWhite30px