“Monsters are unusual creatures, and they need unusual foods to grow. This special farm lets you grow every monster’s favorite foods! Bizarrtichokes Spineapples, and more!”
  — Game Descrition 

Leaflion food

Level: 2
Cost: 900Coin20px1
Bulid Time: 4 hours
Sells for: 140Coin20px1
Exp Gained: 6XP

The Farm can be upgraded to the Large Farm in order to unlock extra crop choices.

Food Type Time Cost Food Gained Exp Gained Cost/Food Food/Hour
SpineapplesSpineapples 00:30 50 Coin20px1 10 1 XP 5 Coin20px1 1200
BizartichokesBizartichokes 3:00 180 Coin20px1 30 4 XP 6 Coin20px1 600
GlorangesGloranges 1:00:00 1,000 Coin20px1 75 8 XP 13.3 Coin20px1 75

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