Habitats are places where you can put monsters so that they generate profit. Habitats are classified by color, and monsters with a color that matches the habitat can be placed within it.

Habitat Image Colors Price Building Time Capacity Max Cash
Blue Marsh Monster-Story-Blue-Marsh-Habitat Blue30px 300 Coin20px1 30 seconds 2 250 Coin20px1
Big Blue Marsh Monster-Story-Big-Blue-Marsh-Habitat Blue30px 7500 Coin20px1 6 hours 3 3500 Coin20px1
Green Glade Monster-Story-Green-Glade-Habitat Green30px 800 Coin20px1 18 hours 2 1500 Coin20px1
Big Green Glade Monster-Story-Big-Green-Glade-Habitat Green30px 22,500 Coin20px1 14 hours 3 4,800 Coin20px1
Yellow Mesa Monster-Story-Yellow-Mesa-Habitat Yellow30px 1,500 Coin20px1 8 hours 2 1,200 Coin20px1
Big Yellow Mesa Monster-Story-Big-Yellow-Mesa-Habitat Yellow30px 67,000 Coin20px1 8 hours 3 4,500 Coin20px1
Red Den Monster-Story-Red-Den-Habitat Red30px 15,000 Coin20px1 7 hours 2 2,900 Coin20px1
Big Red Den Monster-Story-Big-Red-Den-Habitat Red30px 90,000 Coin20px1 9 hours 3 5,400 Coin20px1
White Sands Monster-Story-White-Sands-Habitat-150x150 White30px 36,000 Coin20px1 22 hours 2 3,000 Coin20px1
Big White Sands Big White Sands White30px 270,000 Coin20px1 22hours 3 7,200 Coin20px1
Diamond Fields Diamond Fields Diamond20px 150,000 Coin20px1 12 hours 1 20,000 Coin20px1

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