Obstacles are accessible at the end of each expansion. Clearing obstacles requires time and coins, rewarding the player with new available space as well as some experience.  

Obstacle Cost Time Experience
Palmweed Palmweed 50 Coin20px1 3 min. 1 XP
Guttercup Guttercup 200 Coin20px1 45 min. 1 XP
Large Palmweed Large Palmweed 1,000 Coin20px1 2 hrs. 2 XP
Palmweed Patch Palmweed Patch 5,000 Coin20px1 3 hrs. 10 XP
Small Mossrock Small mossrock 10,000 Coin20px1 4 hrs 40 XP
PinkPalm Pink Palmweed 20,000 Coin20px1 4 hrs. 40 XP
Vilevine Thicket Vilevine Thicket 45,000 Coin20px1 5 hrs. 80 XP
Palmweed thicket Palmweed Thicket 90,000 Coin20px1 6 hrs. 100 XP
Vilevine Jungle Vilevine Jungle 300,000 Coin20px1 16 hrs. 250 XP
Medium Mossrock Medium Mossrock 350,000 Coin20px1 8 hrs. 590 XP
Large Mossrock Large Mossrock 1,500,000 Coin20px1 20 hrs. 1,670 XP
Huge Massrock Huge Mossrock 3,000,000 Coin20px1 36 hrs. 2,500 XP
Lava Pit Lava Pit 9,000,000 Coin20px1 24 hrs. 7,500 XP

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